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Digital Platform builder, Startup Accelerator, Angel Investor, Employer of Record (PEO, EOR), Expat Services, and provider of Digital Workforce to the Kingdom.

We work for the Digital Future of Thailand, in accordance with DEPA’s Digital Masterplan for Digital Economy.

Intertag Thailand builds and operates the Qaori.coop platform, a global social experiment to make our economy more resilient: Private Global Banking, Integrated Crypto Exchange, Free Transborder Money Transfer, B-to-B Crowdfunding, Startup Accelerator & Funding, Marketplace for Talents, Experts, Goods, Events and Services.

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As a member of our ecosystem, you can access a fully stocked toolbox for your incorporation, compliance and employment services, and financial operations across continents and borders through membership in the Qaori Cooperative. 

Thinking about founding a startup? You are at the right place!

We operate Qaori, a fixed-value cryptocurrency that beats inflation, to make your transactions and investments fast, cost-effective, secure, and discreet.


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Digital Service Platforms

InterTaG's DNA is building and operating digital service platforms. Our specialty is low-cost platforms. Extensive expertise and a global partner network enable us to make the most complex complex systems in months, not years.

Employer of Records (EOR)

InterTaG provides the Thai industry with a highly skilled digital workforce. We provide Legal and Immigration Compliance, Payroll Service, Service Contracts

Startup Accelerator

Our Team has launched over 50 startups on 4 continents. We help you defining, presenting and realizing your innovative ideas.

BOI (Board of Investment) Promotions and Startups

Active in Thailand in high-tech or science? We can assist you to become BOI certified and benefit from tax exemptions and many other perks.

InterTaG Academy

In our in-house academy, we teach Digital Transformation specialists, Augmented Leadership and Scaled Agile methodologies.

Digital Governance Platform

InterTaG is short for the "Internet of Transformation and Governance". Our ambition is to combine methodologies and technologies for the next Internet to come: Web4. We believe it will be about governance.

Financial Technologies

InterTaG builds and operates digital platforms for financial institutes: global banking and exchange services. We specialize in light-weight, high-performance low-cost systems.

Blockchain and Web3

We have created the Qaori currency and the exchange platform to combine fiat, virtual and cryptocurrencies and transactions in one convenient place.

Social Responible Enterprise

InterTaG has a social DNA and acts as a Social Responsible Enterprise, supporting non-profit foundations like the Silver Star Foundation. We sponsor social projects like the Qaori Cooperative and Community.

Robert Hopp

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Yuko Osao


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We have worked with many local and global industry giants in various roles and projects. We saved them approximately  300 Million USD over the last years by applying our expertise, frameworks, and passion. 

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